Friday, July 15, 2011

Wapper v1.0.0 for s60v3. S60v5 Html editing tool

Wapper v1.00

Wapper is a tool for people, with less knowledge about HTML codes, who like to create mobile sites. And also this tool is a useful tool for wapmasters, too. Wapper asks you to enter just texts and urls in order to build up a page. There's no need to write codes manually. Hence, a great deal of time and energy is saved.

* Saves a great deal of time and energy
* No need of memorising all HTML codes
* Less risk of errors
* Simple and easy


This is the setting of a page which includes setting background colour, text colour and link colour. You may either choose to use your own or pre-defined settings by me. You'll be prompted to choose either DEFINE YOUR OWN or PRE-DEFINED page settings before you build up your page.

This feature allows you to insert basic tags to you HTML page. The sub-options are:.
- BREAK: allows you to insert breaks
- ALIGNMENT: allows you to set the alignments (either center, left or right)
- COLOURED ALIGNMENT: allows you to insert coloured alignments.

This feature allows you to insert simple texts to you HTML page. There are two sub-options in this.
This sub-option is suitable for inserting shorter texts (not more than 128 characters)

This sub-option is suitable for inserting longer texts. There will be two textbox where you can insert texts.

This feature allows you to insert bold, italic, underlined and also coloured texts. The two sub-options are:
- BUI:
This is the short-form used for Bold (B), Underlined (U) and Italic (I) texts. There are several options when use choose BUI texts. They include BOLD, UNDERLINED, ITALIC, BOLD ITALIC, BOLD UNDERLINED, ITALIC UNDERLINED, BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINED.
- COLOURED: allows you to insert texts of any colour you wish.
- BIG TEXT: adds texts bigger than the normal text size
- SMALL TEXT: adds texts smaller than the normal text size.
- HEADER: inserts headers into the page. The font size is larger than the normal texts.

This option allows you to insert links, horizontal lines and pictures to your page. Four sub-options are:
This feature allows you to insert links, just by entering link name and the URL.
This feature allows you to insert pictures, just by entering alternative text and the URL of the picture.
- LINK WITH IMAGE: allows you to insert images with has a link to another web page.
- HR LINE: inserts horizontal lines to your page.

Insert animated texts to your wap pages to make it more attractive.
This is a moving text, which moves from one side of the page to other.
Blinking texts are the texts that blink. Insert simple blinking texts with this option.

Save the page you are working on and start creating a new page. You can create upto 6pages without having to close the app
Preview pages in e://Wapper folder. Pages will be previewed with your default phone browser if you haven't installed OPERA BROWSER on your phone. Else it will be previewed by Opera browser
View the HTML CODES of any page you download from internet. This will take just a few seconds.

download now

require python download it from here

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